Exited the following trade.

Long Position (Exit)

Wing Tai Hldgs Ltd (SG)

Wing Tai Hldgs Ltd - Stopped Out Due to CMC Unreasonable Spread

Wing Tai Hldgs Ltd Daily Chart

CMC's Spread Chart for Wing Tai - Unreasonable Spread

CMC’s Spread Chart for Wing Tai

Technically, there was no called to exit the trade. Trade was stopped out due CMC’s unreasonable spread. I have decided not to use CMC’s platform due to numerous bad trades encountered and opened an account with IG Market.

CMC used to be my favourite trading platform. After CMC made their recent changes, it has become a hassle to trade with them. Using their stop entry and auto stop loss functions has now become a risk because you have no idea how many ticks above or below the trigger price the order will be executed. The number of horror stories seems to be increasing – so much bad press for CMC.

Added the following trade.

Short Position (Initiated)

Olam Intl Ltd (SG)

Olam Intl Ltd - Shorting Using Inside Day Breakout

Olam Intl Ltd Daily Chart

Short trade (Sakari Resources Ltd) and long trades (Sabana REIT and Wisconsin Energy) are still alive.


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