The following trades were stopped out this week.

Stopped Out Short Positions

CapitaMalls Asia Ltd

CapitaMalls Asia Ltd - Stopped Out Due to Stoploss Triggered

CapitaMalls Asia Ltd Daily Chart

Textron Inc

Textron Inc, Stopped Out Due to Upward Spike

Textron Inc Daily Chart

Wells Fargo and Company

Wells Fargo and Company, Stopped Out Due to Upward Spike

Wells Fargo and Company Daily Chart

Had exited half of the following positions

Sell Half Positions (Short)

Jacobs Engineering Group Inc

Jacobs Engineeringg Grp Inc, Sell Half to Capture Remaining Profit

Jacobs Engineeringg Grp Inc Daily Chart

Metlife Inc

Metlife Inc, Sell Half to Capture Remaining Profit

Metlife Inc Daily Chart

Had entered the following positions.

Short Position


GBPAUD - Shorting Using Trendline Break

GBPAUD Daily Chart

Long Position

JM Smucker (Also Sold Half)

JM Smucker - Entered on the Breakout. Also Sold Half to Capture Remaining Profit

JM Smucker Daily Chart

USDCHF short, SP Corp and Starhub long positions still remain.

Seems like short positions on equities are running out of steam. Let’s continue to monitor for further development

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